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Use this form to book your personal Sozo Session and for general inquiries. Thank you!

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If you are interested in Hosting one of our Training Events, then please use the Contact Form above to request more information. Please also include a brief description about what you are interested in, when you would like to host the event and location details. 

All registrations for Training Events are done Online with the following guidelines:

  • Cost per person is determined by the event hosts and Sozo Training organisers and usually includes Morning and Afternoon Tea and Lunch, unless otherwise agreed. 

  • If you will be organising the catering for the Training Event, then please deduct $10 from the above per person price.

  • Upon receiving your request to Host, you will receive an email outlining what is required and how the SOZO Team can best serve you and your group. 

  • Thank you for your interest in SOZO. 

SOZO Australia Contacts

Each Australian location has dedicated and trained facilitators who are committed to your freedom. 

To find out more information or discuss the significance of having your own SOZO, please feel free to contact the SOZO Coordinator near you. To find your nearest SOZO location, follow this link

Australian Regional Facilitator:


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